Kissin’ Dynamite

Kissin’ Dynamite is a German heavy metal band from Burladingen and Münsingen, consisting of five members.

Kissin’ Dynamite started as a high-school band. Since the start of 2007, the band has worked with the Flensburg production team Elephant Music. At the end of 2007, they started sending Demos to various music labels, leading to a record contract with Capitol Records / EMI in the same year. They released their debut album Steel of Swabia in 2009, and in that year also started appearing in music festivals, for example at Bang Your Head.

Their second album, also produced by Elephant Music, was titled Addicted to Metal und hat zwölf Titel. The title track, Addicted to Metal features vocals by Udo Dirkschneider of U.D.O. for whom Kissin’ Dynamite frequently opened. In March 2011, Kissin’ Dynamite announced that they had started working on their third album, which would be published by their new label, AFM Records. The album was completed in 2011, and released under the title Money, Sex and Power in March 2012. As part of the launch, the band opened for L.A. Glam-Rock band Steel Panther on their Tour.

In 2014 they released the album Megalomania, followed in 2016 by Generation Goodbye.

Prior to Kissin’ Dynamite, Hannes Braun achieved second place in the 2004 season of the German version of the Sat.1 show Star Search singing heavy metal at the age of 12.

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