General Cluster

After two eps that had made the powder speak and the hoppy moss disgorged blissfully, General Cluster is back with his 1st album “Greetings from the Black Mountain”. 10 years that the Grenoblois draw their route forging a reputation on the scenes of small clubs such as festivals of greater importance. 10 years that the group skates his stoner metal southern and blues keys to assert a sound at the crossroads of different incarnations of the music of the devil. 10 years of group life and the growing desire to share at each concert a moment of communion and energy with the public. 10 years summarized in 8 titles as so many memories frozen in the ice, finally discovered and revealing the shameful about the group. The energy of the combo slams in the face with the force of a cold storm of early winter, leaving the breath short and the sight troubled. Prepare yourself for the blizzard from Black Mountain, it’s the General Cluster that feast!

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